Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yummy Pollo y Carne de Mexico!

This is yummy and so budget friendly! First buy a bag of chicken breast from Aldis and another bag of hamburger patties! Second, buy a pack of bell peppers, or colored peppers, wash, chop and freeze and freeze for future use. Next, buy taco seasoning, here its $.39 at Aldis...

1 onion
a grab of peppers (chopped, frozen)
1 chicken breast, thawed and sliced longways
1 hamburger pattie
a sprinkle of Taco seasoning, ( save the rest for the future)
olive oil

Salt chicks lightly...
Olive oil in a medium sauce pan, on medium heat.
Fry chicks.
Set aside, fry hamburger.
Set aside.
Leave grease in pan, fry onions and peppers until wilt.
Throw chicks and burger in with.
Add taco seasoning, just about half a package.
Add water so they wont cuss.
Simmer for about 10 minutes as friends :)

As a main meal, side, tacos, salad, whatever, this is YUMMY!
I used an enameled saucier pan, you can do this in a cast iron pan too!
Add salsa and cheddar cheese....!
Enjoy!!! :)